Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Plackard

Just a notice of what's to come. Of course, with the oddness of blog posting, this notice will be at the bottom of the list, so it will act less like a menu or table of contents than a ridiculous testimony of intentions. That being as it may, the next three essays, barring sudden Ideas, are:

The Three Fallacies

1. The Consumer

2. Labor

3. Earn

I have said in other places, other times, things about these concepts, and I worry that I'll not say anything new and trust, at the same time, that these are inexhaustible funds of outrage. I hope to convince readers to not use these words again without giving them serious thought, at the very least.
I'm sure everyone knows that I think
"earn" is meaningless. I said so not two
posts ago. As for "consumer," I think it
was the same post that mentioned it and
"labor" as ghosts, so that may give a
gist -- and never let it be said that I
don't give a gist for my readers.

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