Friday, June 27, 2014

What May Not Be Said

I am living in a world more full of words that cannot be said than words that may.

I avoided Facebook, and I'm still not there. In fact, I won't go on any comment system, whether it's Google or Facebook or anything else, that points at, much less lists, my legal name. This is for multiple reasons:
1. I am boring as a subject.
2. I am boring as a suspect.
3. I do not believe academic freedom exists, because professors, instructors, and teachers are just corporate employees in an MBA's conception of capital now, and research only exists when it produces capital in a way susceptible to corporate monopoly.
4. I have seen what the Internet offers in the form of "fans" and "intense" personalities, and that should be enough to earn Mark Zuckerberg a circle 9A in Hell.

I can't even obliquely refer to what has happened in my life.

"Suile, and mare thanne we cunnen saein, we tholeden xix wintre for ure sinnes." -- Peterborough Chronicle, Second Continuation
"... there are so many fools placed in heights of which they are unworthy, that he who cannot restrain his contempt or indignation at the sight will be too often quarrelling with the disposal of things to relish that share which is allotted to himself." -- -- Henry Mackenzie, The Man of Feeling

". . . quotations start to rise Like rehearsed alibis." -- Seamus Heaney, "Away From It All"

I can't tell you what I'm referring to, but it is a feast of malignant intemperance.


Anonymous said...

"Feast of malignant intemperance"--did you try to eat at Cracker Barrel? That place is only SLIGHTLY better than being force-fed live rats at the gates of Hell.

The Geogre said...

I've been living in the gift shop.

The Geogre said...

If you want to understand what I cannot explain, this clip helps:

Clyde said...

D0de--I'm guessing you're talking local conditions rather than the GOP and climate change. :-( Sounds bad. :-(